Just a few minutes’walk7 from the up-and-coming shopping and dining hub at the Kai Tak Plaza8 and Kai Tak MTR Station6 , Vibe Centro’s duplex residences3 are quietly sheltered away in the estate’s landscaped garden area, fronting the Kai Tak River.The lush-green gardens inside-and-out coupled with riverfront walkways, create a rare setting of an oasis in the heart of the city9.

The Tower 3 and Tower 5 duplex3 residences enjoy their separate lobby entrances10 in a more private and intimate setting. The overall curtain wall design not only enhances the esthetic value of the exterior from architectural perspective, but more importantly enables better connection between the exterior and interior including maximization of natural air and lighting drawn indoor.

This Garden Duplex3 unit type is a superior choice of extended living space for a luxurious home distinguished not only by its 4 bedrooms with 3 ensuites12 design, but also by both a front and rear garden11 that are attached to the kitchen and the dining and living areas on ground floor respectively. While an extra guest bedroom and a maid’s room (multi-function room) with shower is provided on ground floor, the three ensuites, including the master bedroom and two other bedrooms, are all generously sized and grouped together on first floor.

The design layout of this Garden Duplex3 of 3 bedrooms12 offers a luxurious lifestyle option, as marked by an oversized master bedroom on first floor and extended outdoor space in both the front and rear gardens11 connected with the dining and living areas on two ends of ground floor. Other provisions on ground floor including a sizable kitchen, a powder room and a maid’s room (multi-function room) are essential for home dining with guests. A unit type that befits an entertainment house.

The Mid-floor Duplex3 unit type of 3 bedrooms comes in practical layout options of different sizes, saleable area ranging from 885 sq.ft. to 1,240 sq.ft.13, and of different combinations including those with a maid’s room (multi-function room), or a store room or two. It is generally featured by a sizable master bedroom which is grouped with the other bedrooms on third floor, separated from the dining and living areas on second floor.

The Roof Duplex3 of 3 bedrooms12 is a luxurious unit type boasting generous living space not only indoor with its living and dining areas on fifth floor, but also outdoor at the roof with all seasons’ views15 to enjoy. Its oversized master bedroom on sixth floor also offers extra comfort to the master of the house. A stylish option for those who enjoy quality family life.

This Roof Duplex3 of 4 bedrooms boasts its extended living space distinguished not only by its 4 bedrooms with an ensuite12 design, but more importantly by its attached 559 sq.ft.14 roof which is the biggest amongst all units of the same type. While an extra guest bedroom is provided on fifth floor, an over-sized master bedroom and two other bedrooms are grouped together on sixth floor to allow more privacy.