Leisurely moments

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and gather for a joyous meal with your friends. The clubhouse offers outdoor and indoor dining in a relaxing cafe setting, and function rooms for private entertainment with those who matter most. It’s all part of a work-life-balance.

Fun-loving moments

Home is where the heart is. It’s also the wellspring of well-being. The Clubhouse offers diverse facilities for enhancing family life such as ‘RAINBOW WORLD’ children play room21、22, ‘SAFARI’ outdoor children play area21、22, ‘COOKERY’ function room21、22, ‘DOREMI’ piano room21、22, and ‘PET’ beauty room21、22. They help to create quality time and better bonding for the family, and promote healthy growth of the children.

Rejuvenating moments

There are more than 10 facilities21 for exercise, relaxation, and rejuvenation. They include ‘SWEAT’ gym, ‘SPLASH’ indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ‘SPORTS’ indoor sport stadium, ‘FLEX’ yoga room, ‘PUNCH’ boxing ring, ‘PING PONG’ table-tennis room, ‘REJUV’ spa centre, ‘ZZZ’ sleeping room, and ‘DETOX’ sauna rooms21、22.

THE VIBE Club House

With a total area of approximately 35,000 square feet23, ‘THE VIBE22’ club house provides more than 32 indoor and outdoor facilities21 for the residents to enjoy. Designed from a people-oriented perspective, the facilities fall into three themes: lifestyle facilities for ‘Leisurely Moments’, family facilities for ‘Fun-loving Moments’ and health facilities for ‘Rejuventaing Moments’. Together they satisfy the needs of the body, mind and soul of residents of all ages.